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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Stony Creek


Another view of this beautiful place, take a picnic lunch and sit back and enjoy
It shouldn’t need saying but!! whatever you take please bring it back.
You are allowed to leave footprints in the sand though..

Stony Creek Booderie National Park


A babbling clear creek  flows across river pebbles spilling into a beautiful natural rock swimming pool.
Like all things care must be taken to ensure the conditions are right.
Don’t forget to take your mask and snorkel.
and bring your rubbish back…

Booderie National Park


Call into the Booderie visitors centre and pick up one of the guide books that tell you where all the magnificent bush walks are in the park
This is just one of many beautiful vistas to be seen.

Sunrise over JB


Friday, December 13, 2013

Huskisson beach illuminated by the moon

A slow moving lightning storm eased it’s way across the bay last night.
The moon was out illuminating the beach but shrouded occasionally by clouds drifting by.
I took a couple of time exposures looking back at Huskisson caravan park and across the bay
lightning-storm-over-jervis-bay-by-rob-slater-1 lightning-storm-over-jervis-bay-by-rob-slater-d lightning-storm-over-jervis-bay-by-rob-slater-e

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rock pool exploration


You don’t even have to enter the water to see some of natures wonders.
carefully look around the rock pools when it’s calm and at low tide and you might be lucky enough to see one of our local Sea anemones'
(Oulactis Anemone) but be careful and keep an eye out for the Blue Ringed Octopus, small, but very, very deadly.
I have only seen a couple in all my years of picking amongst the rocks, rare but you may come across one so be careful and don’t play with or pick them up.

Booderie National Park


Located in the beautiful Booderie National Park is a place called Stony Creek…it’s an enclosed natural rock pool that can be enjoyed by all.
one end is slightly open to the ocean but the reef along the eastern end offers good protection for the snorkelers and swimmers.
Of course care must be taken, you are dealing with mother nature after all.
Make sure the conditions are right before doing anything close to the water or ocean.
The scenery around this part of the coast is breathtaking, you can get maps of all the walking trails from the park visitors centre on the way into the park.
Or from the Lady Denman Museum.